My Seven Day Celery Juice Experience. Am I Hooked Or Do I Think It’s A Hack?

If you’ve been on Instagram at all in the past six months I’m sure you have come across some crazy person posting about celery juicing. Maybe I am that crazy person on Instagram you’ve seen. When I decided to look into this whole celery juice craze, I had no idea just how it had become so popular. I saw people I personally knew (not just a random account I was following) posting about this green juice and raving all about the amazing effects it had on their health.

You might wonder why I was so interested in this celery juice phenomenon. If you know me, you know I am always interested in health type things. I love trying new health tricks to keep my brain and body healthy. While I fail daily, I strive to keep a 80/20 balance. My goal is eighty percent of the time to eat healthy, exercise, and read for brain health (not just pleasure). The other twenty percent is more fun. Cupcakes at a birthday party? Pass one to me! Thursday night frozen pizza? Add some parmesan on top! Juicy beach read recommendation? I’m your girl. It’s all a balancing act, am I right?

While doing some research, I continued to see the same consistent claims of celery juice helping with ailments from eczema to ADHD, fibromyalgia to ibs, and anything in between. Everything from simple bloat to migraines seemed to be remedied with celery juice. Some claims even said it eliminated inflammation and stopped the growth of tumors. Basically, I had to try it. (Cue me adding seven bunches of celery to my grocery list)

I’m not going to sugarcoat anything. The taste of straight celery juice is pretty awful at first. As someone who will literally eat anything, it was shocking how bad it tasted. I use raw apple cider vinegar, kombucha, and CBD oil daily. While none of these have great flavor, I never have a hard time taking them so you can imagine for me to find something hard to finish is super strange. It was that bad. At times, to my own demise, I have a hard time giving up; therefore, I was determined I was going to let this magical, albeit disgusting tasting, juice do it’s work in my body.

Every day, for seven days, I drank roughly twenty-six to thirty-two ounces of raw celery juice first thing in the morning. I juiced the celery bunches myself and drank it on an empty stomach. While it’s recommended to drink the juice fresh for maximum benefits, there were a couple of days I had to make it the night before and leave it in the refrigerator. It is also recommended to drink the celery juice with nothing else in it. Because I had such a hard time with the taste, I decided to add lemon a couple of times. Later, I read lemon is not a good addition. Instead, an apple or cucumber should be added in very small amounts to help with flavor. Whoops! Either way, I felt like it was better than not drinking it at all. I also want to add that this is not a meal replacement. I eat breakfast about forty-five minutes after finishing the juice.

Before getting into results, I want to explain that I do not have a chronic illness I’m trying to help. I suffer from eczema, especially this time of year, and the occasional migraine, but those are about it. As a working mom of two very small children, I do always feel tired. I have a hard time focusing sometimes, and a hard time switching my brain off other times. But that’s nothing every other adult doesn’t feel, right? And while I’m not trying to lose weight, feeling better in clothes is always a plus.

At first the only difference I could tell was that my stomach felt lighter, and maaaaaaybe a little bit more defined. I could tell my digestion was better. Because I take pre and probiotics daily already, I didn’t expect to feel these results. While I didn’t have a massive rush of energy every day, I do feel like I consumed less caffeine last week. A strange thing, that probably has nothing to do with the juice but that started around the same time, is that i began having the most vivid dreams. I’ve always been a dreamer (“but I’m not the only one,” for you Lennon fans), but since having children they have almost completely gone away. It’s probably because I never get a great night’s sleep. Maybe I finally started sleeping well this week, or maybe celery has something to do with it.

Bottom line of my celery juice experiment is that I will try it for another week to see if things continue to go well. If nothing else, celery is a pre-biotic, full of water, vitamin k, vitamin c, potassium, and folate. I personally believe there is not an one size fits all approach to being healthy or that a juice is going to make up for a horrible diet and sedentary lifestyle. However, if you’re looking for extra vitamins and hydration, wanting an addition serving of a vegetable a day, or see just how hard dried celery pulp is to get off your sink, join me on my celery juice journey! (My amazing husband pointed the last one out… insert shocked eyed emoji)

12 thoughts on “My Seven Day Celery Juice Experience. Am I Hooked Or Do I Think It’s A Hack?

  1. I may have to give this a try! What did you use to juice the celery, or what do you recommend? Also, I just love your writing style & humor.

    1. Thank you girl! I actually have a juicer I bought at Walmart a while back. It’s not the nicest, but it works great. I juice it myself. I read where doing it fresh is best and it’s pretty cheap. The celery is cheapest at Aldi. I paid $.99 today per bunch.

    2. I have got to get a juicer ! Your blog is awesome! You have a great talent for writing and organizing your thoughts! Love it ! I do want to try this and look forward to more blog entries ! ♥️🌱🥒🍎

  2. I am so intrigued knowing it is not a mela
    Replacement. I think I could handle it if I could add a little Apple!

  3. Thank you Lori for taking the plunge and sharing your experience. I have a juicer that I have yet to use…going to try this celery craze!

  4. We watched a documentary recently I think it was called Super Juice Me. It was quite interesting and we want to try it but I will probably never be brave enough to try straight celery!! 🤢 You’re a brave woman!

  5. Okay. I first heard about celery juice on a podcast today and then read your blog tonight. Coincidence?! Maybe it’s a sign to try it! I’m a bit afraid of the taste!!

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