My Top 5 Favorite Beauty Products

Hey friends and welcome to beauty day on the homestead

Today I want to share about my love for all things beauty. While I might not wear makeup everyday, I’m watching the latest YouTube makeup tutorials for tricks. My hair may be thrown into a high pony or messy bun 95% of the time, but I’m still going to know how to get the best beach waves (yes girl, it’s different from a loose wave). When I had my first facial done at nineteen years old, I was hooked. It sparked a love for trying new products and constantly wanting to switch things up.

I want to take a second and insert one of the most humbling and hysterical stories about myself.

It’s regarding my first facial so it’s not completely off topic. During my first facial, the esthetician accidentally waxed off half of one of my eyebrows. My friends still laugh about that dark summer of 2005 and me filling my brow in with waterproof mascara. You see, we all worked at a mom and pop restaurant and there was little to no air conditioning. With it being South Carolina in the summer, and me constantly running around as a waitress, my drawn on eyebrow didn’t stand a chance and would start to run. This was before eyebrows had entire makeup lines dedicated to them, so I did the best I could. To say it was traumatic for this nineteen year old would be an understatement!

Okay, now that the whole world knows just how vain I am, lets get started. (Also, this is a non-compensated opinion piece)

These are my top five tried and true favorite beauty products:

1.Vitamin C Serum by Obagi Medical

According to  Vitamin C serum is an antioxident that promotes collagen production and reduces signs of aging by repairing damage. It leaves your skin brighter and firmer, with fewer wrinkles and more even tone. I’ve been using this product since July 2018 and can see a difference in my acne scars. A little goes a very long way, so one bottle lasts me about seven months.

Here’s a link if you’re interested in learning more:

2. Mary Kay Perfecting Concealer

I have two young kids, I work, and I seem to get myself involved in more than I bargain for. Because of this, I typically run on Jesus, coffee, and concealer. I’ve tried what seems like a million different concealers (No, for real. I have seven different concealers in my vanity right now). So don’t you fret, my tired friends, I have found the concealer that works the best… at least for me. This one doesn’t budge, is great for layering, and works amazingly as a highlight when contouring.

If you already have a Mary Kay friend, get you some today. If you don’t, here is a link to where I get mine:

3. Younique Translucent Setting Powder

Behold the Holy Grail of setting powders. It’s not cheap, but it STAYS. I use it after I finish my makeup, and it will stay all day. On a side note, I typically don’t bake my concealer with this setting powder unless I’m needing super full coverage or I’m going to something formal. For baking, I use NYX setting powder in the shade banana. For those of you who don’t bake your under-eye concealer, you’re missing out on lasting wear. I can teach you how!

If you know a Younique presenter, tell her you need this in your life. If not, here is a link to where I get mine:

4. Ponds Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream

My Mama Jo is gorgeous. She’s almost eight decades old and has the most amazing skin (and wit). As long as I can remember, she has used Ponds and Olay products. To be honest, when I started using this moisturizer it was because the scent made me think of her. After almost six years of use, I realize I love more than just the smell. It is an amazing moisturizer. It makes my skin look dewy without being sticky, and layers well with the other serums and creams I use. It’s very cheap (I’m talking less than $5) and every drugstore carries it.

5. Blinc Lash and Brow Serum

I started using a prescription eye lash serum about eight months ago. The results were incredible, but the cost was less than desirable. I was introduced to this natural serum in January and decided to give it a shot. Blinc is half the cost, and lasts longer than the previous product. The company website says within two to four weeks most people see longer, fuller lashes. Being the frugal franny I am, I decided to leave what I knew worked and try Blinc. My lashes were long when I started so I haven’t seen a difference in length; however, I do feel like it has kept my lashes longer and fuller. I would definitely recommend trying this for a solid month before using anything more expensive or that comes with a list of possible side effects.

This is a link to where I get mine if you’re interested:

Because it was extremely hard to pick those five, I wanted to list out five more that round out my top ten.

6. L’Oreal 1.5% Hylauronic Acid (available at any drugstore or Amazon)

7. Frankincense Essential Oil. It’s an amazing toner, and makes me feel happy!

8. Renitol .05% Obagi Medical (

9. California Charcoal Peel Off Mask (I got mine at Walmart but after a quick Google search, I learned Amazon carries it as well)

10. Eyelash Curler and Blending Sponge. I couldn’t decide which I love best, so they both make it! I am not brand specific for these, and they both are readily available at any drugstore or Amazon.

And there you have it. These are the beauty products I use all the time. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment and I will be happy to answer them! Thanks for following along, and I hope to see you soon on the Homestead!

8 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Beauty Products

    1. Baking is a way of setting your under-eye concealer. Once you put the concealer on, you put a thick layer of setting powder on top and let it set while you finish your makeup. When you’re finished, you lightly dust off the excess and your concealer lasts a lot longer!

  1. “Jesus, coffee, and concealer…” that one gave me a good giggle. I’m going to have to try some of these out for sure!!!
    Also, I can totally relate to the brow story, except the hospital misplaced mine at birth. Filling them in with mascara was my go to!

    1. Ha hahah! I had to think about that for a second! I’m glad I’m not alone with the mascara. The part I forgot to add was that I also changed my hair part and gave myself the deepest side bang to hide it!

  2. I also think Mary Kay is the best concealer I’ve ever used. I am no make-up guru, wearing only concealer and mascara, but of all the ones I’ve tried this one is terrific! Smooth and thick with great coverage without caking or appearing yellow!

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