Mother’s Day Gift Guide She’s Sure To Love

Since we’re on the heels of Mother’s Day, I felt like sharing ideas for the special women in your life. Whether for your mom, wife, aunt, friend, or even yourself, maybe one of these will be the perfect meaningful treat. Remember, you don’t have to be a mom (or a human mom at that) to enjoy this special day. So read through my Mother’s Day gift guide and see which gifts are my favorite to give and receive.

my favorite mother’s day Gifts

  1. Tickets: For me, the most meaningful gifts are actually not tangible items at all, but instead are experiences. For several years now, I have asked for and also given various types of tickets. The past two Christmases my mom received passes to different plays from me instead of actual gifts. A quick google search can inform you on all the upcoming events in your area. Remember to think small and look into the smaller, more intimate playhouses and venues as well. The talent is usually just as exceptional! Mom and I went to a few Broadway plays, and just recently attended a faith based Broadway-like show. It was out of this world!
  2. Care Basket/Jar: Pinterest is full of wonderfully easy diy goodie baskets for any occasion. One of my personal favorites is a coffee mug like this or this filled with chocolates and either a gift certificate for coffee or bags of gourmet coffee. I also love this basket I found on Amazon and you could stuff it with with socks, a candle, nail polish, lotion, and top it off with herbal tea. Hopefully, you get the gist and see the possibilities are endless because each can be completely customized to fit anyone.
  3. Manicure/Pedicure gift certificate: As a cosmetologist, I highly discourage anyone from getting their mom a gift certificate for a hairdresser she has never been to. Instead, a manicure and/or pedicure is something I would recommend (if you do in fact know her hairdresser, by all means, hook a sister up). Some people don’t like long massages, but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy a pedicure! So ask around, google, or visit your local nail salon and snag her a special treat she’s sure to enjoy.
  4. Jewelry: Etsy is full of handmade one of a kind jewelry pieces you can have custom made just for your mom, or yourself. Amazon has stepped up their game and I found some great pieces of sentimental jewelry any mom would love to own. I know I would (hint, hint!). Here are a few of my favorite pieces.
  5. Plants: Fresh cut flowers are lovely for a short period of time, but unfortunately they die. Instead of spending money on something that will just wilt away, I’ve found that giving plants can mean just as much and last significantly longer (unless it’s up to me to keep them alive). Some of my favorites to give are succulents, miniature rose bushes, orchids, and potted hydrangeas. You get extra credit if you help care for the plant if she has a black thumb!
  6. Picture Book or Calendar: These can be as short or long as you like, and are extremely simple to make and order. I make picture books every Christmas as gifts and I’ve always been able to find a coupon code to make the price extremely affordable. The past two years I’ve used a local drug store photo center and have had the books made in less than a day. With each store now having user-friendly websites and often apps, anyone can make a special gift in no time with ease.
  7. Time: The best gift for me is time. Whether that be a babysitter when I just need to be alone or want a date night with my husband, or time with just my kids and myself when I feel like life has gotten too crazy, time is a precious gift. If you’re a husband and your wife stays home, get a babysitter and you spend time with her. Or, you babysit and let her go get that pedicure (see #3) alone. If you’re an adult and wonder what to give to your mom, spend time with her. Let her talk to you and you answer her questions, even if they seem endless. Time is an exceptional gift, whichever way it goes.

There you have it…

I hope my Mother’s Day gift guide helps you. If you’re still in doubt, just make her something. No mom is going to turn down a homemade card, even if it’s from her thirty-five year old son.

So tell me what your best Mother’s Day gift ideas are. I can’t wait to catch up with you in the comments!

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