5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Health Today

If you’re anything like me, the thought of getting healthier or losing weight can be daunting. There is an abounding amount of programs promising those results. Whether you want to become more mindful, you want to get in shape, or you want to do a complete lifestyle overhaul, you can find thousands of methods from which to choose. A lot of them actually work, maybe just for a period of time, if done consistently and correctly. However, before crash coursing your way into a commitment of time and money, I’m giving you five simple ways to improve your health starting today.

Ditch all The drinks… except water

Yeah, I get tired of hearing that, too. Water is the only drink you actually need to be putting into your body. Period. And to top it off, you need to be drinking lots of it. It’s crucial for every single part of your body down to the cellular level. My number one hair tip for any client asking is to drink water. I have first hand results of rapid growth, increased vitality, and improved strength in my own hair when I drink excessive amounts of water.

How much should you drink? I’ve always heard to take your body weight, cut it in half, make that number ounces and you’ll have the amount of water you need to drink in a day. For example, if someone is 150 lbs, they need 75 oz of water a day. When I really push myself, I go for gold and try to drink a gallon a day. It’s hard, I’m not going to lie, but I feel great when I’m that hydrated. Now water might be the only drink you actually need, but I like to drink black coffee and kombucha daily as well. Neither of those make me feel guilty and both give me a little extra pep in my step.

Limit eating out

Okay, I get that this stage of my life allows me to be home most nights of the week. People give me flack when I say we don’t eat out often. My response to that is, “that’s true.” However, having a child with food allergies off and on since he was four months old, we have to take our own food anywhere we go. We can’t just run through a drive-thru and grab chicken nuggets, because of the upset tummy and/or headache that would soon ensue. Individually we might eat out here and there for breakfast or lunch, but typically we cook at home every night. Not everything we cook is healthy, but we know exactly what’s in it.

In my early twenties I decided to limit fast food. Because of that, it’s not hard for me to leave it be. Do I want Chic-fil-a for every meal? Ya dang right I do! But alas, I must practice restraint. You might be surprised how easy it can be for you, too. My biggest tip to help with this is to ALWAYS have snacks and a bottle of water with you. ALWAYS.

Move it or lose it

It’s Newton’s first law of motion, y’all. An object in motion will stay in motion. You do need have something to ignite the motion, but once you have it, keep tapping into it to keep you going. My ignition is the rush of endorphins following a good workout. Even on days that I drag through a run or fast walk, I feel better when it’s finished. I know how much clearer I think, how much better I rest, and how manageable my anxiety is when I’m active.

Also, I’m not talking about excercising seven days a week. No, I’m encouraging you to stand up once an hour for a few minutes at work, or park at the end of the parking lot to allow for a few extra steps at the grocery store. Play outside with your kids for thirty minutes, or take the dog for a longer walk. Making a conscience decision to move more, will prompt future movement. Who knows, you might even want to take that exercise class you’ve been eyeing for a while after all!

Take your vitamins

With the standard American diet, there is essentially no way to get all of the vitamins and minerals we need to function at our maximum potential. Unless you are eating strictly grass-fed lean meats, organic fruits and vegetables, along with nuts and healthy oils, you are probably missing vital nutrients your body requires. Start with a good quality multivitamin, then talk with your healthcare provider and decide where to go from there. On top of my vitamins, I am also a huge proponent for probiotics. From aiding with digestion and immunity, to mood stability, probiotics are beneficial in so many aspects of our health.

Positivity positivity positivity

So, you want to guess what my last suggestion is? You guess right! It’s all about staying positive. One of the most dangerous voices that can destroy your mental health is your own. Make a decision today that you are going to drown out everything negative, be that people, social media, or television. It might be the hardest thing you will ever do, but persevere my friend. I know you can do it. You have to.

When you are constantly being bombarded with negative talk around you, the only natural thing for you to do is to bring it inward. Just being around a passive aggressive person can make you feel trapped, put down, and hurt. If you have to be around that person, choose beforehand to recognize the feelings you incounter as that of the person, not of yourself. This practice has changed my life and brought compassion and empathy to people I never thought I would feel for. Previous to this realization, I would get knots in my stomach, be hurt or even mad after being around certain people. Now I can leave with inner peace and stability.

Why do I add positivity as my last and most important tip? Because when you have a positive disposition, anything is possible. It makes your small goals extremely simple to achieve and your furthest goals a little more attainable. Like the snowball effect, once those small victories are under your belt, you’ll be able to tackle more. Each tiny victory adds up until you look back one day and can say, “Wow! I’ve come so far.”

Choose peace, joy, and postivity and do it today.

Practice makes perfect

We all fail, a lot. Say you drank a extra large coke, ate a large fry, binged watched TV, and had to be around that nosey Nancy that makes your skin crawl all in one day. It’s just one day. Give yourself some grace, and move on. Tap into the core reason you want to get a little healthier and do it. Tomorrow is a new day. Wake up grateful that God granted you mercy by allowing another day and don’t take it for granted!

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